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Top 10 Japanese anime is extremely difficult to understand and unexplainable to test your intelligence
Psychological anime, Japanese horror anime with extremely confusing content promises to bring you more interesting new experiences besides regular sports anime or sports anime. Today, the top 10 Japanese anime ...
9 blockbuster movies promise to break the 2020 revenue: Marvel continues to raise money, but the world is holding its breath waiting for Christopher Nolan to “launch”
Although 2020 does not have the blockbuster "sure" billion like Marvel's Endgame, but it is full of surprises. Especially the re-export of legendary director Christopher Nolan.     In 2019, the world cinema ...
The audience divided after the premiere of Captain Marvel: Good or bad ?
The audience divided after the premiere of Captain Marvel: Fan praised the film as a masterpiece, other fans criticized it as the worst MCU movies Captain Marvel is a rare Marvel ...
12 blockbuster movies must watch in early 2018 (Part 1)


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