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PJ Masks 1xEp 09+10

Catboy's Butterfly Brigade / Owlette the Winner

Zoo day is today! Connor wishes to see the big cats, but Greg and Amaya wish to see the butterfly gardens instead. The latter two think that Connor is acting really rough. Then they see that the zoo visitors are leaving the butterfly gardens because the butterflies are gone. The PJ Masks find that Luna Girl is using the stolen butterflies as her new henchmen to replace her moths.

By day, Connor and Amaya were playing basketball against Cameron’s two teammates. Greg is the scorekeeper, and Cameron is the referee. Connor tries to score, but the other team blocked the ball to Amaya. Amaya started running with the ball, but then she makes a backwards shot from the far side of the court. “Amaya’s Team” Wins! Cameron noticed that his whistle went missing after Amaya scored the lucky shot. By night, the PJ Masks noticed that Luna Girl took the whistle for her two moth teams to get every toy in the toy shop. But Owlette makes the mission harder by making everything into a competition.