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PJ Masks 1xEp 17+18

Looking After Gekko / Catboy and Teeny Weeny Ninjalino

By day, Greg told Connor and Amaya that they always look after him because he’s the youngest and that he can do things himself. But when they’re about to go home, the school bus is mysteriously missing. By night, it is revealed that Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos have stolen the school bus and wants to convert it into his own super-vehicle. The team tries to get it back, but a stubborn Gekko insists on completing the mission by himself, which only made Catboy and Owlette annoyed with him.

By day, Connor wants to be the first one in his classroom, when he notices that his desk is a mess. Greg and Amaya want Cameron to help clean up Connor’s desk, but Connor doesn’t want Cameron’s help. When Cameron sadly walks out of the classroom, Amaya gets angry at Connor for not letting Cameron help. Greg then notices tiny Ninjalino footprints on one of Connor’s homework sheets. By night, the PJ Masks find the tiny Ninjalino, but Catboy keeps trying to catch it while the tiny Ninjalino messed up all 3 floors of HQ. Then, Catboy forces the tiny Ninjalino to leave, but it won’t leave. Soon, the PJ Masks find Night Ninja and the rest of his Ninjalinos. Night Ninja gets very surprised when his “spy” (the tiny Ninjalino) wants to work with the PJ Masks.