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PJ Masks 1xEp 19+20

Catboy's Tricky Ticket / Gekko and the Missing Gekko Mobile

By day, Greg and Amaya want to see Jayden Huston perform but the concert was sold out. Connor ran up to them and told them that he only has one spare ticket so he’ll have to take Greg or Amaya to the concert. They begin to persuade Connor into giving them the spare ticket but the concert was canceled when Jayden’s golden microphone was missing. By night, Luna Girl took the golden microphone to have her own concert. Gekko and Owlette tried to get Catboy to give them the spare ticket but it keeps making the mission harder.

By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya are at school waiting to make a “Record-Breaking” Omlette, but the teacher announces that there are no eggs to make it. By night, the PJ Masks find out that Romeo has “rotten-ated” all the eggs to stop them. Gekko hides his Gekko-Mobile with “Gekko-Mobile Camouflage”, but he doesn’t know where he left it at. So Gekko lies to Catboy and Owlette saying that he didn’t lose the Gekko-Mobile.