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PJ Masks 1xEp 21+22

Catboy's Flying Fiasco / Gekko's Stay at Home Sneezes

By day, Connor was flying his toy helicopter, when Greg tells him about the Hot Air Balloon ride that he and Amaya are going to. Then, Connor trips over a giant present. He finds an amazing new scooter inside the box that was “sent” by his Great Aunt, Synthia. Greg notices that Connor’s new scooter looks familiar. Connor, Greg, and Amaya go to the Hot Air Balloon ride, when they notice that the rope was cut. By night, the PJ Masks find out that Luna Girl took the Hot Air Balloon so she can turn it into her very own “Moon-Y (pronounced: moo-nee) Balloon”. Catboy asks Luna Girl for the Hot Air Balloon back, but then Luna Girl controls Catboy’s scooter with her Luna Magnet. Gekko finally notices what Catboy’s scooter REALLY is: A Disguised Luna Board! The Moon-Y Balloon finally flies away when Catboy cuts the rope with the Luna Board. Gekko catches up with the Moon-Y Balloon, but then he has his OWN flying problem! How will Catboy AND Owlette save Gekko?

By day, Connor, Greg and Amaya start to get the first issue of the Flossy Flash comic, Amaya and Connor notice that Greg has some serious sneezes and told him to stay inside until he gets better and found out that the comic is stolen. But Greg wants to help and states that a sneeze won’t stop Gekko. At night, Catboy says that now that he’s Gekko, he got super sneezes. Gekko goes out of headquarters to warn Catboy and Owlette about Luna Girl ignoring his super sneezes and Catboy and Owlette tell him to stay inside. Luna Girl states that she will take over PJ Masks HQ. Gekko warns Catboy and Owlette.