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PJ Masks 1xEp 23+24

Gekko Saves Christmas / Gekko's Nice Ice Plan

By day, Connor and Amaya were ice skating enjoying the fun but Greg complains that he doesn’t know how to skate and that he’ll never get it. They noticed that all the lights and decorations on the Christmas tree are gone on the day before Christmas. By night Luna Girl was stealing the presents so there’s no Christmas. Gekko must learn how to ride Luna Girl’s Luna Board and save Christmas.

By day, Connor woke up with a glass of ice in his hand, knowing that it should be a glass of water. When Amaya steps out of her house, she notices icicles on her roof. Connor and Amaya collide and crash into Greg, but then they notice that the WHOLE CITY is frozen! By night, it was Romeo who turns the streets of the city into an icy-roller coaster for his newest invention: the La-Boggan (Romeo’s Lab [+] A Toboggan). As Gekko learns that his “super lizard grip” can prevent him from slipping on the ice, and as he tries to tell what his plan is, Catboy and Owlette just won’t listen to him.