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PJ Masks 1xEp 27+28

Catboy and Gekko's Robot Rampage / Owlette's Feathered Friend

By day, Connor and Greg were talking about playing Master Fang and Kick McGee. Amaya wants to play as Flossy Flash, but Connor says that she’s from a different show. Greg says that Amaya can play as Sloppy the K9 Sidekick Dog, but Amaya doesn’t want to. But then, Connor notices that the playground equipment was stolen. By night, the PJ Masks find out that Robot took all the equipment because Romeo made a new robot called “Robette”. Robot says that he is making a “new best friend” out of the playground equipment because he is jealous. Owlette feels left out whenever Catboy and Gekko play as Master Fang and Kick McGee, but she DOES want to play as Flossy Flash. One time, when Robette introduced herself, Owlette crashed into her, and she turned into an evil cyborg. Robette kept saying “Take over the World!” with Romeo in her metal arms. Robot then saw what happened to Romeo, then he decides to save him.

By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya were at Greg’s house taking care of Greg’s pet lizard, Lionel. Amaya wish that she got a pet, and states that pets are fun as she plays with Lionel. Then their bracelet-rings are telling them that someone is invading HQ. They found out that there’s no invader, and it’s just a bird. The bird seems to like Owlette as she nuzzles her. Owlette asked if this bird can be her pet, and names her “Birdie”. Gekko states that looking after a pet can be a lot of work, but Owlette said that taking care of a pet is easy. Then they saw Luna Girl at the museum taking something. Luna Girl then reveals that she going to turn HQ into a giant Luna Magnet, and her Luna Crystals are inside being put by Birdie due to Owlette being a terrible pet owner.